Karystos is a place of special biocultural value, and at the same time a natural botanical garden of unique variety closely related to Bees. In a social innovation initiative, the students of the 2nd Primary School of Karystos, inspired by the signature culture action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE KARYSTOS of the non-profit entity BEELOSOPHY, painted 4 beehives, courtesy of MELISSOKOMIKI ATHINON S.A.

Through art, the students express their reflections on the destruction of the environment, the decline of pollinators and climate change, while maintaining a positive attitude, and underline with their artworks that: "The Earth is our home. We care about and take care of nature and animals. We do not tolerate the destruction of forests, mountains and seas. We all want to enjoy and make good use of them, with respect for generations to come. We are interested in animals, especially those in danger of extinction, such as Bees. Protecting the environment is important for a better future".

Students created 16 works of art, as many as the sides of the 4 hives, and named each hive according to what their artistic creation expresses: 1) Life in the hive, 2) The apiaries of Karystos, 3) Without bees, 4) To whom belongs the environment.

Through this initiative, the 2nd Primary School of Karystos:

• Raises environmental awareness and encourages us all to understand our role and responsibilities in the ecosystem.

• Improves knowledge and develops dialogue around how biodiversity loss and pollinator population decline can be halted.

• Familiarises itself with modern forms of artistic expression and creation, enjoys cultural resources and connects the public with the culture of the landscape and the nature of Karystos and South Evia, Bees and beekeeping, strengthens the effort to highlight the culture of the region.

• Contributes to highlighting the nutritional and cultural value of honey and to building trust in the working man who, with his hands and mind, intervenes in nature and produces everything around us, helping society to evolve.

• Promotes equality of access, participation and familiarity with contemporary cultural and environmental issues.

• Strengthens social cohesion and contributes to the acceptance of diversity.

The artworks are exhibited in physical form, but also digitally and are widely promoted, in order to enhance the educational value of the activity, its sustainability and its impactful results throughout Greece.

Overall, BEELOSOPHY'S action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE KARYSTOS, through a series of activities, connects artists, students, scientists and local actors in an innovative way and contributes to a productive dialogue for the restoration of the sustainable interface between man and nature, having the natural and cultural environment as a vehicle and Bees and beekeeping as protagonists.

Congratulations to the 2nd Primary School of Karystos, which helps us see the future of the bees and of the world with greater optimism!

We sincerely thank Evangelia Athanasiou, who undertook the artistic curation, for the excellent cooperation and support.

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The action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE KARYSTOS* is implemented with financial support and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, under the auspices of the Region of Central Greece and with the valuable contribution and under the auspices of Karystos Beekeeping Association "Dimitris Rigas".

*Concept – scientific production: Angelos Karagiannis