Photo: George Lykouropoulos


BEELOSOPHY announces the cultural action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE 2024 KARYSTOS, which deals with the symbiosis between the nature and culture of Karystos, and focuses on forest culture, Bees and the "magical" honey of Ochi Mountain of Karystos, especially the unique Giulbery (rose honey) made from sideritis (mountain tea), oregano and wild herbs and Kissouri honey, from the heather bush, the latter being recently recognised as a PDO product. At the same time, the current problem of biodiversity loss is showcased, and ways that we can help and make the relationships between people, the environment and culture more sustainable are suggested.

Visual artists (students and young artists are welcome) will create original works of art (photography, painting, digital artworks etc.). One of the proposed creations is works of art on real beehives. The works will be hosted in an art exhibition in Karystos and will also be displayed digitally. Digital products will be produced, including a cultural video. A fairy tale will be written, which will be presented in tandem with an experiential activity targeting children and teenagers. The action will be presented in a networking workshop in Karystos, a multiplier event of wide participation (professionals, schools, local government, businesses, entities, disadvantaged groups, scientists, etc.).

The action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE 2024 KARYSTOS connects artists, students, scientists and local actors in an innovative way, with the aim of strengthening contemporary artistic creation and inspiration, local cultural identity and cultural diversity, cultural tourism, and developing the public and contributes to a productive dialogue for the restoration of the sustainable interface between man and nature, viewing the natural and cultural environment as a vehicle and Bees and beekeeping as protagonists. From the destruction caused by wildfires rebirth will emerge and the message that we can restore the harmony and the sustainable coexistence of nature and man through the culture of the landscape.

Information: Mobile 6973229921