In recent years there have been losses in bee populations worldwide. Without Bees, many plant species will decline and eventually disappear, along with the organisms that depend on them. Therefore, without Bees, animals and plants die, and life is degraded and threatened.

To contain this trend, it is critical to implement ecological practices that are friendly to pollinators and the environment, and contribute to the sustainability and health of the ecosystem.

Kokotos Estate in Stamata, Attica operates in harmony with nature, applies sustainable management and does not use pesticides. At the same time, in a natural landscape as a background and among organically grown vines, a chicken coop, a vegetable garden and a forest section, it hosts a Bee farm.  Recently, Beelosophy awarded Kokotos Estate a Bee Sanctuary certificate, recognising the Estate's significant contribution to the health of the ecosystem and pollinators.

It is the first of its kind in Greece.

Beelosophy's Bee Sanctuaries are green spaces or areas that encourage the protection of pollinators and nature and foster environmentally friendly values, attitudes and behaviours. In a Bee Sanctuary, it is not necessary to keep farmed Bees. Through group activities such as awareness raising, educational talks, walks, citizen science initiatives, highlighting outstanding initiatives, spreading good practices, and more, Bee Sanctuaries connect individuals, communities and entites, inspire, generate new knowledge about the ecosystem and cultivate a shared awareness of our responsibility towards the environment.

Congratulations to Kokotos Estate for this distinction.