Vision - Mission - Values

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way (Aristotle, 4th century BC)

Our vision

We envision a world where people, inspired by Bees, build a better future for all through initiatives of broad collaboration and participation.

Our mission

We are on a mission to highlight the value and preserve the heritage of the Bee society and beekeeping, for a healthy and sustainable future.

Our values

We act with respect, insight, responsibility, integrity, transparency, and reliability.

We are driven by a high sense of ethics and professionalism.

We look for sustainable solutions with respect for the environment.

We are interested not only in large but also in small interventions with strong positive impact and multiplier dynamics.

We recognise the value of collaboration and the mobilisation of resources and knowledge, both from individuals and from collectives.

We are not bound by traditional concepts or practices. We are constantly looking for positive change.

We harness ingenuity and scientific knowledge and highlight good practices.

With creative curiosity, we plan, propose, and take action.