In the illustrated edition SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE: MELEKOUNI OF RHODES by Beelosophy, culture and gastronomy meet and come to life in front of us, through Melekouni of Rhodes, an authentic sweet-superfood, that goes back many centuries.

The e-book takes us on a journey through activities aiming at highlighting and preserving Melekouni that were implemented in the context of the SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE action, providing, at the same time, a taste of Melekouni as a recipe for life, a recipe for union, a recipe for love and joy, which produces meaning and culture and leads us to a better future.

Beelosophy, following its Cultural Path, at this stopover in Rhodes, explores the treasure of Melekouni (an element of intangible cultural heritage with honey as its main ingredient) in a tangible and original way and invites us to discover its value.

*The e-book at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and biblionet.