Create a pocket meadow

Create a small oasis for Bees and other pollinators by planting flowers and plants in your garden, yard, balcony, roof or in pots!

Bees feed exclusively on sweet plant juices and flower pollen. All you need is a square meter of land or a few pots, some seeds or plants and a love for nature and pollinators. 

You will be filled with colours and aromas, while at the same time you will take care of the Bees and the survival of nature.

Some advice

Prefer native plants. Suggested plants: (low) marigolds, calendula, mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender, sage, savory, thyme, helianthus / (shrubs) heather, strawberry tree, viburnum, chaste tree, laurel, bottlebrush, firethorn, hawthorn / (trees) almond tree, apricot tree, pear tree, apple tree, plum tree, cherry tree, peach tree, orange tree, carob tree, judas trees, hazelnut tree, chestnut tree, linden tree.

Ask an agronomist for the light, soil and water needs of the plants and to choose plants that combine well with each other.

Don't use drugs. If it is necessary to use plant protection substances, use biological preparations (thuringia bacillus, kaolite, etc.) and spray just before nightfall and without the presence of Bees.

Tell your friends and family about your good deed, with the prospect that they will follow suit. Many Pocket Meadows together will make our world more Bee-friendly.

Place your sign

Place a sign in your Pocket Meadow to add a touch of inspiration. Print the label provided below, laminate it and place it on a sign (by yourself or with the help of a professional). 

My Pocket Meadow on the map!  

Motivate others to participate. Upload a photo of your Pocket Meadow and we'll mark its location on an electronic map.