Beelosophy awarded the main bearers of Melekouni as part of the "SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE" action. This award is meant as a recognition of the work of the awarded bodies, but also, more broadly, of the residents of the Koskinou Community and other areas of Rhodes, as well as entities and bodies of Rhodes.

RODIAKI hosted an extensive article in the column "Culture - events" about the honorary award for Melekouni conferrred by Beelosophy to the Cultural Association of Koskinians KALLITHEA:


Saturday 09.12.2023 18:45

Honorary award for Melekouni to the Cultural Association of Koskinians

Rodiaki NewsRoom

An honorary award for its contribution to the promotion and safeguarding of the element of Intangible Cultural Heritage Melekouni of Rhodes, was conferred to the Cultural Association of Koskinians KALLITHEA, by the non-profit organisation Beelosophy.

The Association was granted an Award of Excellence in the context of the action "SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE", which aims to highlight and preserve Melekouni of Rhodes.


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