On the occasion of World Bee Day 2024, on the afternoon of May 20th we had the opportunity to meet at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS), in Marousi, at a conference organised by IAS, the Hellenic Scientific Society of Beekeeping-Sericulture and the Friends of Syggrou Estate, on "The role of bees in human life: Environment - Nutrition - Health". We thank the organisers for the initiative and invitation.

This day is an opportunity for governments, organisations and citizens to promote actions that protect and strengthen pollinators. In this sense, the event is important, to the extent that it positively inspires, raises awareness for Bees and mobilises us to take targeted and joint action. Because if we protect Bees, we all at once protect flowers, trees, animals, nature, and life.

Distinguished scientists, professionals, institutional representatives, students and the general public took part in the conference.

The political leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and IAS was present, to emphasise the importance of Bees and other pollinators for the health of the planet, but also the government's commitment to support beekeeping.

Among others, Beelosophy Ambassadors Angelos Karagiannis and George Mavrofridis were speakers.

A. Karagiannis highlighted the importance of Bees and other pollinators and what threatens them today, went through important initiatives that have been implemented in the European Union to protect and strengthen them, and suggested ways in which we can help.

G. Mavrofridis, Archaeologist, presented the main types of Greek beehives and noted their influence on the development of global beekeeping.

The panel also featured the outstanding speeches of:

• G. Goras, Assistant Professor of the Agricultural University of Athens, who presented the topic: Man from predator, protector of the bee and the ecosystem.

• M. Mavrofridis, Agronomist, who spoke about: Women and beekeeping in Greece.

• S. Gounari, Director of Research, ELGO DIMITRA, with the topic: Uses of bee products by humans.