On Sunday, December 3th, 2023, at Kokotos Estate (Stamata, Attica), Beelosophy organised an event for the action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE. The event was dedicated to Melekouni of Rhodes, since the aim of the action SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE is to highlight and preserve Melekouni. As part of the action, the award-winning Pastry Chef Evangelos HASSIOTIS created two new honey bars featuring Melekouni, which were exclusively presented in public for the first time. Partners and official guests, as well as those attending parallel events in the estate, had the opportunity to get to know both the SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE action and Beelosophy, and also taste the culture bars.

Beelosophy Ambassador, actor and Producer Pantelis KODOGIANNIS made a historical and cultural mention of Melekouni of Rhodes, explained the connection with today and the action in reference and spoke about Beelosophy's mission and vision.

Beelosophy's group of volunteers presented the handmade bars, a creation of the award-winning Pastry Chef Evangelos HASSIOTIS. The Culture bars were placed in exclusive packaging, courtesy of ROIS BROS SA. Graphic Designer and Beelosophy Consultant Alkyoni PISSARI was responsible for graphics creation (banners, action logo, carton box sticker etc.). The honey used in the bars was produced from the bee hives of the Bee Sanctuary hosted by Kokotos Estate.

During the event, a short video presentation of the bars and their preparation process was shown on a screen. The video, which has been widely distributed, contains a dedication from the action's chef Evangelos HASSIOTIS. Also, relevant photographic material from Beelosophy and entities of the Melekouni community in Rhodes was also shown, in accordance with the programme distributed in Greek and English. Besides, Beelosophy's President, Elena STYLIANOPOULOU, recognising that Kokotos Estate implements pollinator-friendly, ecological practices and contributes to the sustainability and health of the ecosystem, awarded Kokotos Estate a Bee Sanctuary certificate, the first of its kind in Greece, and handed over to Anne KOKOTOS an honorary plaque for her work.

The event closed in a particularly friendly and creative atmosphere, where, around the monastic tables in Kokotos Estate showroom, among the vines, and while tasting the distinguished wines of the Estate, we discussed, and exchanged ideas and emotions for the expansion of Beelosophy Cultural Path and the enrichment and further utilisation of SWEETEN YOUR HERITAGE.

We thank Kokotos Estate for its hospitality and excellent organisation.