About us

We aim for a healthy and sustainable future, inspired by Bees


Is composed of the words 'Bee' and 'Philosophy'.

Beelosophy not-for profit was born in 2022 with the aim of responding to the environmental and cultural crisis and the dwindling Bee populations and other pollinators as observed worldwide, being aware that there is no life without Bees.

Governed by a Bee-centred logic, Beelosophy works to highlight the importance and safeguard the heritage of Bees and beekeeping, protect Bees from various threats they face, and learn useful lessons from them. It connects areas of related interest, promotes collaborative networking and seeks the participation of local societies, communities and entities in its work.

Beelosophy is included in the Portal of Cultural Entities of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Beelosophy supports the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through its work it practically declares its commitment to the protection of biodiversity, the well-being and the preservation of the cultural stock of the Bee society and beekeeping.

In particular, Beelosophy's work is related to the following goals: